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Ever Wonder How to Sell at a Flea Market?

By Flea Market Deals November 02, 2019 0 comments

I was looking into this exact topic today due to so many people in local communities wanting to sell at the flea market. What interests me most is how so many people can make money from so many different things. I read three or for different sites which talk about how to flip items at a flea market and here are a few tips about what I found. 

1. Decide at which flea market you want to sell.

Because there are many different types of flea markets and farmer’s markets, you want to choose one which has the necessary attention from your target market. An example of this would be if you sell some type of skincare product. Although a traditional flea market may be a good idea, you might want to look into areas that have folks searching for nice organic type items. Another example of this would be if you sell patriotic type items. It may not be a good idea to sell at a flea market surrounded by a more liberal crowd. There are so many different flea markets throughout the U.S., making sure to choose the right one is important. 

2. Research a good location for your flea market setup.

This is important primarily for foot traffic. Take a look at the different entrances to the flea market and where each of the parking lots is. If you notice consistent foot traffic in a particular location, ask the staff what it takes to reserve that particular spot. Sometimes they may require payment in advance. Many times, it simply requires a form or request. A good example of one of these spots is a space right inside the front gate of the flea market. This is where most foot traffic will come into the flea market. Another good example is near all the food places. Because food is a special necessity, it is always in high demand and high demand equals high foot traffic.  

3. Make sure to sell the right products at your flea market booth. 

Like we talked about before, if you choose the wrong type of item for the wrong style of flea market, it may not play out well in your profits. Though many people choose to sell trash and turn it into cash, there are also plenty of other options. Take design and creation for example. There are folks at the Raleigh, North Carolina Flea Market who sell specialty style furniture. These are pieces they hand make themselves out of metal and wood. One of their most affordable pieces sells consistently for $250 each. The key is to fill a need and offer a deal. Since their furniture is a very niche design, it is in decent demand and therefore communicates a deal. Another example would be wholesale. Buy items at 50% off retail and sell them at retail prices. Take the products in our CATALOG for example. Because they sell on Amazon, Walmart, and Sears for double what they are here, this would be a viable option to sell at the flea market. 



4. Shop the right places for any products you sell.

You want to make sure if you’re selling a specialty item like a collectible or name brand that it’s authentic. The worst thing you can do for branding your business is to sell an inauthentic product. The best way to ensure you have an authentic product is to make it yourself, purchase it from an authorized retailer or distributor, or directly from the manufacturer. Cheap or free items may not always provide a long term sustainable business model. A really great place to get things to sell at the flea market is clearance style stores such as Ollie’s or the clearance section at a retail store such as Walmart. 

5. Make sure you know how to price, organize, and negotiate. 

If you didn’t buy the items, make sure you’re willing to let go. $5 or $10 in your pocket is more powerful than taking your items home. If you did buy them, be willing to part with them for a very fair price. Some net profit is better than none at all. You also want to make sure your items are organized in a fashion that encourages people to buy. Use the color wheel or make sure your items go together in the same category. Lastly, understand everyone at the flea market wants a good deal. Knowing how to sell and negotiate will help you significantly. 

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