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Welcome to our humble website! It was brought to our attention recently since there are a significant number of errors on the site this maybe some kind of scam. We assure you, it is not. The “deal” in “Flea Market Deal” is that these are brands we currently or previously have sold on Amazon and offer on here at 50% off their retail price. 

Allow me to introduce you to our company. Our parent company is ECOVS Inc. We are simple, hard-working Americans who have run several booths at many flea markets. We like when things are easy and we enjoy watching everyone make money. When everyone makes money, life is better.

One thing we have found at the flea market is there are only a few ways to get products. You either have to make them yourself, have a registered business and become an authorized retailer, or find them and buy them locally to flip them. We were tired of having to work so hard and jump through so many hoops to get affordable items to sell.

In addition to these hurdles, most people at the flea market are looking for a deal. If you pay $5 for a $6 item, they may try to haggle with you and next thing you know, you’re only making a little money on a few items. This is why we are here.

Now the folks who know how to use the internet can purchase our Amazon inventory at 50% below retail cost. That means you can offer the same, brand new item at your flea market booth that’s on Amazon, but the customer doesn’t have to wait for it to get delivered. They can walk away with it right that second. Also, since our prices are so low, you can include a significant markup on your inventory so you can make a better profit.

Because we have 5 warehouses throughout the U.S., we are able to ship to any location… even worldwide. If you are near Durham, NC, we have our headquarters there and would love to schedule an appointment to show you around. Just send us an email. We are very excited for this project and we hope it helps everyone to make tons of money at the flea market, farmer’s market, or just save money in general.

Flea Market Deal Store Setup for Retail in North Carolina

(One of our client's stores at the Raleigh, NC flea market)


For more information and different ways to get in touch with us, head on over to our FAQ page here.

Our New Plant

Our Showrooms and Warehouses in Los Angeles/Baltimore/Dallas/Chicago

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